Are You Getting the Feedback You Need to Succeed?

Good feedback can be incredibly helpful for a person’s personal and professional development, yet based on the chatter I read from the HR community, it is apparently vanishingly rare. This isn’t too surprising, when you think about it. Honest feedback can include dealing out and facing uncomfortable truths. Managers and co-workers can find it hard to confront employees on these topics, and, of course, employees can find them hard to listen to. Useful feedback also takes work, on both sides, in order to be truly effective. 

So how do you get the feedback you need to develop your skills and succeed in your career?

First, let’s discuss what constitutes good feedback. According to various experts, useful feedback is:

As an employee, you can’t always control the feedback you receive or the way you receive it, but there are some things you can do to try to get the feedback you need:

By taking the lead on seeking out feedback, you are taking control of your own development. As a result, not only will you likely learn things that will help you grow your career, you’ll take the sting out of uninvited feedback. You may even learn to take that dreaded annual performance review in stride!

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