Little Cakes Kitchen Becomes Frontline Careers’ First Frontline Friendly℠- Certified Business in North San Diego County

SAN MARCOS, Calif. – Frontline Careers, a Southern California based workplace culture startup, is proud to announce that Little Cakes Kitchen of Vista California has earned the first-ever Frontline FriendlySM certification. Based primarily on anonymous employee feedback and company human resource management practices, this unique distinction recognizes companies that invest in and support their frontline managers and employees. Little Cakes Kitchen, a growing business that is already famous for its award-winning cupcakes, can now also add their award-winning frontline work environment to its list of accomplishments. It comes as no surprise that all surveyed employees reported feeling very proud to work for the company, and it’s easy to see why.

“It’s always good to get validation,” said Don Hein, owner of Little Cakes Kitchen. “I’ll sometimes hear that so-and-so feels like this, but they don’t want to tell you. So it’s good to know what our employees really thought, especially coming from a period [COVID] where people felt so stressed.”

As a purpose-driven startup, Frontline Careers was founded under a core mission to connect frontline workers looking for more, with companies that offer more. In the case of Little Cakes Kitchen, earning the Frontline FriendlySM certification let’s job seekers and customers in North San Diego County know that they truly do offer more than the average frontline work environment. 

“What I like most about Little Cakes is the learning. Like the basics of decoration and behind the scenes with sales. I’ve learned quite a lot here”, said Karina Walters, retail store manager. “I started as a night time baker seven years ago and am now the manager of the new location opening on September 1st. And I’m still currently learning now, which is really nice.”

Like Karina, 73% of US frontline workers see having learning opportunities at work as critical to career advancement.* These opportunities, along with other sought after workplace attributes, are all evaluated as part of Frontline Careers’ proprietary Frontline FriendlySM assessment. From job growth to supportive management, this assessment helps companies identify key strengths and areas of improvement, based on direct feedback from current employees.

Little Cakes Kitchen plans to leverage the valuable insights gained from their assessment to further improve their workplace culture, which combined with their certification, will help attract more top frontline talent in an increasingly competitive labor market. “In this day and age you have to let people know quickly and easily that your company is a good company to work for, but finding ways to do that right now is very challenging. I would say solving this issue is the biggest benefit of Frontline FriendlySM certification,” said Hein.

Jason Roberts, CEO of Frontline Careers, could not agree more. “Everyone knows Little Cakes Kitchen makes a world-class cupcake. They are, after all, a two-time national Cupcake Wars winner. But how impactful is it that this small business in Vista, California is now also known as an employer that provides a world-class work environment for their frontline employees? They are truly on the forefront of something special.”

Congratulations Little Cakes Kitchen on achieving this great milestone. If you’re in the Vista area, don’t forget to stop by and get some of their out-of-this-world cupcakes at one of their two locations. 

For more information on how to get certified as a Frontline FriendlySM company, visit or contact the company at

*Source: McKinsey & Company, Bridging the Advancement Gap, July 21, 2022

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Founded in January 2020, Frontline Careers is a Southern California-based startup with a mission to connect frontline workers looking for more, with companies that offer more. The startup’s proprietary Frontline Friendly℠ Assessment and Certification process enables frontline job seekers, customers, and investors to better identify those companies that truly value and invest in their frontline workers. In addition, Frontline Careers offers a job site exclusive only to companies offering benefits and perks beyond pay to their frontline employees.

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